22-23 Jun 2020 Futuroscope de Poitiers (France)

Call for contributions




Third European GNU Radio days: call for contribution 

It is our pleasure to announce the third meeting centered around the GNU Radio framework held in France (Poitiers).  This workshop targets French and European GNU Radio users and developers as a complement to the american GRCon, and welcomes participants from all countries and continents enjoying developing with GNU Radio. Contributions are sought in English as oral presentation/demo/tutorial. Submissions are now open. Last year's abstracts have been gathere in the book of abstracts of the 2019 edition of the European GNU Radio Days conference. Videos of last year's presentations and tutorials are online on YouTube.

newEuropean GNU Radio Days 2021

We have decided to organize the event from 24 to 26 June 2021. It will be twinned with the SDRA 2021 conference (Saturday June 26). Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, a great part of the event will be held in virtual format.

We will provide you rapidly with all the details of the organization with the new website dedicated to the 2021 edition.

The European GNU Radio Days organizing committee.



Contribution deadline April 1st. 15 April (Extended).

To submit a contribution using the template provided at gnuradiodays2019.tar.gz, select Registration on the left menu and then Submissions: deadline 15 April  2020.  Warning: submitting a contribution does not mean registering to the conference, which must be done separately.

Registration is open: participating to the conference is free of charge, but registration is mandatory before May 1st to help organize the meeting

GNU Radio is an increasingly popular framework for Software Defined Radio components and Digital Signal Processing prototyping. As such our goals are as follows:

  • Bring together active French and European GNU Radio users, coming from a scientific, technical, amateur or hacker background
  • Foster interaction between GNU Radio users
  • Share knowledge about GNU Radio development through tutorials, seminars and demos
  • Bridge the gap between technical/engineering and scientific/research points of view on topics related to applied research with GNU Radio. Such topics include:
    • Software Defined Radio, radio prototyping,
    • RF design,
    • RADAR design
    • Global Navigation Satelite Systems (GNSS) and space communications
    • Signal processing in embedded systems,
    • GNU Radio development environment,
    • New platforms

GNU Radio users and developers are invited to present their experiments and activities. The first day (22nd of June) will be devoted to oral presentations, posters and demonstrations. The second day (23rd of June) will be dedicated to tutorials and hands-on sessions.

Contributions might for instance address the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Cognitive Radio, Digital Communication and Agile Spectrum Sharing
  • RADAR systems and specifically passive radar
  • Front-end analog characterization
  • Design of Signal Processing algorithms as GNU Radio blocks
  • Identification and decoding of signals, including satellite communication systems
  • Security aspects of Radiocommunications
  • Coupling GNU Radio to Soc FPGA
  • Various physical measurements (GNSS, Radioastronomy)
  • ... your own favorite field here

Ham radio licence: Cancelled. We are considering asking the French radiofrequency emission regulation agency (ANFR) to provide the facility for becoming ham radio licenced. If more than 10 French citizen (defined as living on French territory for more than 3 months/year) are interested, we might request such an organization. Please fill the registration form accordingly, considering that this exam requires a bit of training prior to the conference, but will allow legally emitting on the radiofrequency spectrum. A financial contribution is required for the exam (30 euros according to https://www.anfr.fr/licences-et-autorisations/radioamateurs/les-certificats/)


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